Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pirates of the Gulf of Mexico...

These wee little mateys
were told there was treasure to be found
Just watch out for the other pirates and look for an .....X....on the ground!

ARRRGHHHH, When does our ship set sail?
If that parrot that was on Marc's shoulder could only whistle;) super cute picture!
Look, over's Capt Adam Black
Where's Jackie Chan when you need him; oops wrong movie.
Landlubbers;) I have a feeling they know where the "you know what" was hid.
Wee Pirates hit the beach
in search for GOLD, diamonds, and rubies!
Excitement to say the least:)
Okay...who burried this? The adults even had to start digging:)
We just hit something:O
Olivia says TrEAsURE! TrEAsURE! and OH what a treasure to watch them:)

Mary Elizabeth wanted to know if those were Kwiat or Daniel K:)

Tonya Gail...Marc and all those wee pirates adored you, especially when you plotted out the plan in the dirt with a stick...YOU are WONDERFUL! Marc says he wants to have lots and lots and lots of pirate parties:)
What is going on, I think these two stole the LOOT.
No wonder business is GOOD;)
Oh and just bring it back full...Marc thinks he'll be 5 next week and he keeps counting on his fingers desperately trying to convince me:)

Friday, September 24, 2010

I love Cornish babies in the fall:)

Andrew Burke Campbell
I could eat your EAR off; )you cute stinker you!
Corny pun intended.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

4 and Holding!

Our Dear Marc,
Happy Birthday!
You are 4 years old and Mommy, Daddy, and Andrew love you up to the MOON and back; just not completely sure if we weren't put in a time warp while reading that book to you:)
We love surprising you and seeing your excitement.
We love each and every precious moment with you and they are all very precious moments.
Right now we are especially loving your ABC song and speaking is a little recap (ABC style) for that special day, the 18th of September!

Bb is for Birthday Morning Bear Claws...

Mm is for are adorable.
Tt is for toys and tennis racket and terrific...
Hh is for handsome, husband, and hitting already?
Holy Cow...he's a natural!Cc is for CAKE...
Cc is for Careful, Careful...
did I say Cc is for Careful???
and Pp is for puppy dawgs, Pirates and Party...which is belated this coming weekend.
Look out all you Land lubbers...there's a treasure out there to be found.
Bring your camping chairs and flash lights and Dress Up or we'll make you walk the plank! ARRRGHHHH. that was for you Nancy:) Close Lavish early. Sunset is @ 620ish central.
Oh and Carolyn, just take off one Gold hoop and I've got an eye patch for ya")

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Two if by sea:)

Super sweet book; with images so strong they have gravitational pull!
By Suzy Lee

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Taste the Rainbow:)

Thanks to my sister and one of Marc's best friends Aunt "T", we are sneaking in those yummy fruits and vegetables.
Chef "Boy aren't We having Fun"
The Juicer!
She is the author of "Cancer Fighting Kitchen"

Thanks Uncle William...we love this bullet!
"Our diets should be thought of as Preventative Chemo 3xday"

"Can We Eat To Starve Cancer?"
You might buy a juicer after watching this presentation;)
follow the link below

Our tomato plant produced "1" tomato this summer...but Marc finding it was better than an organic garden full of them.

Chef ? architect ? or more importantly, one day a Healthy husband, a Healthy daddy, and prayerfully, always my Healthy son:)
No Worries Marc, we're not giving up the good stuff (Hot Fudge Sundaes, fried pickles, or pizza) just adding what matters and keeping the junk to a bare minimum.
Love, Mommy